Workshop 8, October 10 2019, Stockholm Sweden

Innovair, the Swedish Strategic Innovation Programme for Aeronautics, was responsible for organizing the 8th workshop in Aeronautics between Sweden and Brazil, which was held at IVA in central Stockholm on 10 October 2019.

The workshop series explores the collaboration between Sweden and Brazil in the field of Aeronautics. In the 8th Workshop no less than 110 experts, researchers, industry and governmental stakeholders from both countries met to further enhance the ongoing bilateral cooperation. To the joy of the organizers there were almost exactly as many people from Brazil and Sweden attending the workshop. We got a series of very interesting presentations from funding agencies, major industry partners and project managers. The presentations also gave opportunities for the audience to know more about the Air Domain Study and to get a deeper understanding of the content of five newly finalized bilateral research projects. 

To further underline the intent to create connections to other areas we got an inspiring presentation about the cooperation with Brazil at Karolinska Institutet.

Finally, we were invited to the 9th Workshop that will be organized in Brazil in Nov 2020. 

All the presentations are available on this website, where you can also find a number of photos from the workshop.

We also filmed the whole event and showed it as a live webcast. It is now edited and made available on Youtube. Under the label Schedule you find the starting time for each programme item. The access is restricted to people with knowledge of the address below, but you can share it with your friends and colleagues. 

Workshop 8 webcast:


Brazilian-Swedish 8th Workshop in Aeronautics –


10 Oct, 2019 at IVA Conference (Grev Turegatan 16, Stockholm)

TimeProgram itemSpeaker/actor
Admin and introduction to the day

Moderator: Anders Blom, Innovair
Starting time in webcast : 00:00-

Opening/Welcoming remarks

Franciscangelis Neto, Vice Minister, Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication 
Starting time in webcast : 05:10-

Carl Rosén, Director General, Department of Business, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation
Starting time in webcast : 12:15-

Keynote presentation 1
About International cooperation and funding of International programs and projects

Joakim Appelquist, Head of International Collaboration, Vinnova
Starting time in webcast: 18:10-

Prof. João Luiz Filgueiras de Azevedo, President of CNPq
Starting time in webcast: 27:10-

Alexandre Barragat, Dep Head Int Coop Dep, FINEP
Starting time in webcast: 41:00-

Denise Neddermeyer, Presidency advisor of EMBRAPII
Starting time in webcast: 50:10-

Coffe break
Keynote presentation 2
Industry ideas about unmanned systems and other new technology challenges

Karolina Bergström, Head of Strategy at Saab Aeronautics
Starting time in webcast: 1:02:20-

André Gasparotti, Technology Development Director at Embraer
Starting time in webcast: 1:19:00-

Air Domain Study proposal to HLG

Mats Olofsson, Innovair
Starting time in webcast: 1:39:35-

Lt Gen Almeida, Brazilian Air Force, EMAER
Starting time in webcast: 1:51:00-

BARINet – Brazilian Aerospace Research and Innovation Network – a new initiative influenced by the cooperation

Presented by Prof. Emilia Villani, ITA


  • Prof. Victor de Negri, UFSC
  • Prof. Carlos Cimini, UFMG
  • Prof. Fernando Catalano, USP-SC

Starting time in webcast: 2:06:50-

Lunch (on site at IVA)
Projects finalized during 2019, from the Vinnova-FINEP call – findings and suggestions for a way ahead (DHA is funded by Vinnova and FAPESC)

Project groups for

  • InfloProp (Tomas Grönstedt, Chalmers) Starting time in webcast: 2:39:50-
  • MESTA (Christopher Jouannet, Saab Aeronautics) Starting time in webcast: 2:54:50-
  • IVHM-HFA (Jens Alfredson, Saab Aeronautics)  Starting time in webcast: 3:07:30-
  • DHA (Alessandro Dell’Amico, Saab Aeronautics) Starting time in webcast: 3:21:50-
Short “leg-stretcher”
Multigraph project results and lessons-learned, to showcase the process (professors chair, universities, startups and major industries involved)

Presented by Linnéa Selegård, Saab

Academic and industry actors –

Chalmers, Saab, Blackwing, 2DFab, UFABC

Starting time in webcast: 3:37:25-

Coffe break
Cooperation between Sweden and Brazil – experiences from another research sector

Prof. Martin Schalling, Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery, Karolinska Institutet
Starting time in webcast: 4:01:50- 

Future projects – ideas and discussions about future areas and forms of cooperation

A panel with actors from BR and SE, representing the Triple Helix (government, academia and industry)

+ Moderator
Starting time in webcast: 4:27:30-

Summing up

Starting time in webcast: 5:21:30-

Invitation to Workshop 9

Maurício Gonçalves, Secretary of Applied Technologies
Starting time in webcast: 5:26:30-

Closing remarks

Starting time in webcast: 5:28:50-



IVA, Kungliga IngenjörsVetenskaps Akademien
Grev Turegatan 16 
Postadress Box 5073
102 42 Stockholm 


Vinnova - cooperation with BR

CNPq - cooperation with SE

Finep - cooperation with SE

EMBRAPII - cooperation with SE

Saab Aeronautics - Heading for the future

Embraer - Aviation Challenges

Air Domain Study

BARINet - a new initiative

InfloProp project presentation

MESTA project presentation

IVHM HFA project presentation

DHA project presentation

Multigraph project presentation

KI collaboration with Brazil

Next workshop in Brazil (WS9)